Neck width


The thin neck has always been a sign of nobility, grace, and gentility. Not all of us feature this trait. However, even those who’s been lucky to get a slim and beautiful neck by nature can “lose” it because of a bad shot. Anyways, the point is, the neck’s look depends on how a woman/man keeps her/his headand hands, watches, talks. Moreover, the position of the entire body is also crucial.

The online editor has been developed to let you escape repeatable shots in order to achieve the perfect result. Now, it’s possible to calibrate the neck’s thickness in a couple of clicks. Just download the app and use this option to get a thin and graceful neck. What advantages does this option have?

  • Our designers make the neck thinner bearing in mind other parts of the body to avoid a discrepancy.

  • Any corrections are possible in terms of the angle, distance, number of people and other photo’s peculiarities.

  • No color or even the slightest tone’s changes are possible.

  • The editing happens fast and hassle-free despite the type of photo.

Download the app to stay free and relaxed during the photo shoot. Now, you can eliminate any issues and get a perfect image to share it anywhere you want.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
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