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How to change face in photo?

The fact that you have never been to the Cannes Film Festival does not mean that you cannot have photos from there. Online services allow you to “transplant” a face from one person’s photo to another in a matter of minutes. For this, you do not need special knowledge, only correctly selected pictures and the Internet. A great way to have fun in a group of friends: replace face in photo. Thanks to technological swap graphics, this can now be done without torture, but only with the help of an original application on the phone.

It is awesome that one may want to look better on every photograph and create new looks without leaving home. Phone editors are suitable for different tasks, not only for great fun but also for work purposes. Online video or image face changer does not have to surprise with an abundance of settings, but to provide a realistic skin tone. Usually, the replacement app requires a number of elements and recommendations to guarantee natural editing. For example, face tilt angles and camera angle should be as similar as possible, faces should not be covered by hands, hair or objects, no mix of artificial lighting with natural light. Forget picking a frame taken in nature for a photograph from home. Adjust the skin color in both pictures to be sure that it is the same. If the shades are different, fix them in photo editors. Choose photos with the approximately same resolution. Wait a minute, and after all these requests the result may not be yet a 100% satisfaction, due to inaccurate automatic filters and so on. It is not acceptable to use a popular face swap app and get disappointed with the final image.

What app has face swap?

Retouchme free application is designed for mobile devices and allows you to process photos stored on your smartphone. It is easy to install and does not require many resources. Among a great number of various options to apply to edit every selfie, the purpose of this software is to change face in photo. The result is funny collages that bring much pleasure to their authors. If there are users who want to try the service online without installing it on a smartphone, then the computer version is also available. The key feature of the app is its availability for all phone models and devices with Android and ios software.

It is not only a great face replacer with celebrities and friends but change the background, fix hair and makeup, erase extra elements from a picture to provide the best result. This application allows you to copy faces from pictures of eve the lowest quality in two images. You can use the service at any time, no matter where you are, you only need Internet access and a built-in camera.

Retouchme team is a group of photoshop experts who are ready to process every selfie in real-time without making you waste money. The program is free of charge but the editing request costs only ninety-nine cents or professional retouching by photoshop tools. Use the occasion to obtain high-quality editing for several cents or online credits available playing games. Ready pictures are stored in a cloud service and will never make you remove important files on the phone to occupy the space. Every image is easily shared in social networks or forwarded by email. Skillful experts pay much attention to every order, which is sent for editing. It does not matter if the client is editing only one photo a month or 10 selfies a day. Every request is processed with accuracy and attention to every single detail.

How to use face swap app?

Start with simple steps to install this magic assistant to your phone and use its advantages to impress friends and relatives.

  1. Download Retouchme app to your smartphone, using the app store search.
  2. Install it and open the picture from the photo gallery.
  3. Find the option to apply among a huge number of tools to improve the image.
  4. Send the request to designers using the upper right button.
  5. Wait only several minutes to get a processed picture with a new look and new face and click the share button to post it immediately online.

Have you ever dreamed to put your face on the body of a celebrity? Retouchme will help to realize this simple but important wish, changing faces in pictures, you can realize any idea. Try yourself in a new role as a beautiful heroine of a film or a fairy-tale character. Creating such a unique image does not require skills in processing photos and does not take much time. Just download Retouchme and follow easy steps to insert your face into the picture. Mask skin defects, get a fitness look or whiter teeth. Change your appearance and play with every single inch of your picture. It is almost free of charge and results are fascinating. Become a video or a magazine director. Incent own stories with actors and celebrities in poses and places they would never be expected. Enjoy this easy and funny tool to improve mood and appearance. Change old fashioned photo albums, creating trendy shots of black and white or vintage style. Find a personal approach to editing with the help of a high-tech application. Stay tuned with all the latest news in photo editing, because Retouchme is enriching its vast range of tools every day. You will be always updated with the newest ways to improve selfies. Download it now and start your journey!

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