Reduce ears


How to reduce ear size naturally

Human is imperfect, and in this very imperfection lies our uniqueness with us. But in the modern world of media and photography, sometimes we need to look better than we really are. Imperfection can manifest itself in the imbalance in the size of the ears in relation to the general plan or face. It also happens by the fault of an unsuccessful shot is an incorrectly selected angle of view, thus some parts of the body may seem larger than they really are. In any case, even if your ears are slightly larger than you would like them to be, you do not need to immediately run to the plastic surgeon. Reducing ear size can be quickly done with the RetouchMe app.

To be able to work with the application, you just need to be an ordinary smartphone user and be able to upload the necessary pictures to the RetouchMe app.

The app is interactive and communicates directly with our editors who process your photos online. Our app follows three rules: make it easy to use, make it quick, make it affordable. Therefore, if you urgently need to reduce the size of your ears, then simply install RetouchMe for your smartphone. That would be the easiest way to naturally reduce ear size at home.

How to use the app

The application is available for any platform, whether you have an iPhone or Android, you just need to go to Play Market or App Store and find RetouchMe there.

  • After installation, confirm that the application has acquired the rights for its correct operation.

  • Upload your new photo to the app, or choose from the list of already taken photos.

  • Pick the options you need, in our case, it reduces ear size.

  • Then, If you do not need any other options, you can click the send button.


After sending your image for processing, the result will not be coming long. With the 1st level difficulty options, it takes around 5 minutes to be able to observe the results. You will get a push notification after getting your job done, then you can check the following section with it. If you select additional and more complex options, the job can take up to half an hour on average. Having received the result, you can evaluate it and if it does not suit you, then you can always request a rework. The benefit of working with RetouchMe is that the application is a direct link to real editors and not just a set of filters and automatic presets.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.