Photo restoration


Every single photo is important for us or our business. Even if there is some skin defect or wrinkle, there was a reason to make this selfie or group picture. It means that this famous caption moment was significant and remains valuable. It does not matter if it is grandparents history or prom picture frames, printed shots demonstrate signs of time passing by. And surprisingly, there is nothing else to do with it, if only not to try a new restore old photos app. It is due time to save tender memories, which have to be demonstrated to future generations. Owing to professional free application with affordable prices you will have a chance to enhance the expressive effect of even the oldest original photography.

How to make old photos look new online?

Every Android or Apple user is able to make old photos look new, owing to these nice and easy pictures to restore the app.

  • Download the app to repair old photos to your phone
  • Choose best pics to edit by the program from your gallery
  • Find online Photo Restoration from the menu
  • Learn automatic image recovery options
  • Click Send to Designer button
  • Renew old album shots digitally

Description of each Step in Picture Restore App

  • Old photo to new photo app permits to practice many possibilities to recover images. For example, faded prints cause color distortions, which destroy the overall effect. This iphone editor easily converts vintage shots into famous examples of modern art.

  • Scars and wrinkles can add charm to some personalities. Though, sometimes there is a need to correct visual face problems and skin imperfections with the help of mobile apps. Retouchme software makes it possible to remove wrong lights and shadows, tattoos and acne. Just one click is enough to request a professional team of designers to improve the photo.

  • Add contrast and tones to fix lost expressiveness. Using professional techniques, experts increase contrasts and photo settings to reach the desired effect.

  • Clean backgrounds and adjust clothes, owing to the fast and experienced services of photoshop experts. Fulfill empty spots on damaged pictures with necessary colors and tones, applying colorization tools.

  • Delete dirty spots and dust. Designers carefully use a specific tool to scratch a necessary area with a brush, which is able to correct every single place of the image.

  • Restore old pictures and permit printing of new version in a high-quality format. Retouching service by the app allows seeing details, which were invisible because of damaged surface, dirty spots and faded colors.
Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.