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Blur background app with RetouchMe App

It usually happens that the best shot is captured in a wrong location, scenery or with disturbing items behind you. Sometimes it is really desirable to create the only emphasis on the model. It does not matter if it is a professional posing or a picture made instantly, its focus should be concentrated on a most important object. Blur background photo editor online permits to create a trendy effect. It helps to correct irritating noise in images, to automatically change the viewer's attention from nature around to a portrait. Photography illustrations start to become interesting when they demonstrate an expert level of the author. That is why applications, which are able to edit frames despite size and camera settings, are of great importance for the modern world.

Possibilities of blur background on photo

This image processing tool serves for different purposes:

  • to create image atmosphere, when the mood and plot of photos require funny, dramatic or romantic touch;
  • to edit the wrong location of a portrait, changing the focus from details to the face of a model;
  • to add texture to existing successful shots, using retouchme blur background services;
  • to remove unnecessary color shades following the idea of the author;
  • to make an automatic upgrade to a great photo album with artistic mobile photo editor blur software.

Trying the Android or iPhone version you will easily find out personal advantages of this program. Its small size and easy interface permit it to be used by clients of every age and computer literacy. Possibilities of this service are demonstrated in famous works of outstanding photo artists. There is nothing better than a chance to use this tool being at home and playing with filters.

How to blur background in photos

Site instructions are simple and easy to understand. So you will have no problem to start working with your new app.

  1. Download the blur background editor online.
  2. Use a photo gallery or capture new shots with your built-in camera.
  3. Choose the option you need to apply to the picture and its intensity level.
  4. Send the request to designers and wait about 5 minutes to get the final result.
  5. Enjoy the processed option to impress your friends or post it immediately on social networks.

Photos Before and After using our APP

No other auto blurred version by famous developers will satisfy your needs like the Retouchme result. Accurate work of Photoshop experts will clearly demonstrate the difference between original and processed version by its emphasized details. Depending on the plot of the image, our team will adapt the intensity to an overall effect from the shot. Its natural appeal can impress even the most demanding client. It is difficult to find signs of correcting tools when a professional level of designers is advanced. If you need to hide someone or something without damaging the portrait, then this software is essential. Such an effect is widely used for the creation of computer wallpapers and postcards with friends or colleagues. Only photo editor blur background app can create a motion or tilt style image with a simple click.

Examples of backgrounds

Your perfect portrait may be captured in some place, you would not want to show, that is why you need to blur it. But our smart app is able to offer several other options to choose, which can help your selfie to become a masterpiece. Just look through such frames as parks, forests, seasides, and fields, together with city landscape or rural view and choose the one, which will look great even blurred.

Benefits and Possibilities in Retouchme

Personalization. Only Retouchme application can guarantee 100% client satisfaction, due to the absence of both responses and auto-editing by artificial intelligence. All works are performed by real designers with specialized experience, working all over the world.

Low cost. Ninety-nine cents is the maximum cost of a credit, which is necessary to start editing the image. Free of charge credits are also available to earn online.

Fast. It is impossible to image high quality with less than 5 minutes for processing. Retouchme is the only app which performs great results in the shortest periods of time. Try it now to use the advantages of easy interface.

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