Change background


Who has not dreamt of a perfect combination between foreground and background on the picture? The situation, when we make a selfie in front of a great sight or seaside with a weird face and then joking with friends capture the ideal facial expression and pose, is typical for most of us. Unfortunately, we are not always that good at choosing the right lighting and posing for our best shots. That is why sometimes we all need a magic tool which could combine various elements from several photos. And you know what? This software exists and is already doing miracles with pictures of different locations and figures, which require urgent help of a background changer.

Fast and professional assistance in choosing and adjusting the right landscapes and retouching small errors is of great importance for most Android and iPhone users. Spontaneous pics usually do not allow us to spend some time looking for the best angle and sunshine. That is why afterward, the post-processing work consists of cutting and regulating contrasts, in order to remove distracting items from the image.

How to change the background of a picture app

Someone may spend hours learning necessary tools in Photoshop or other similar apps. But there is an easy way to resolve the problem, by forwarding the request to an experienced team of photo designers, always available online.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • download Retouchme app to change the background of a photo;
  • choose images from a gallery you want to replace with available samples;
  • send pics to designers with just ninety-nine cents or twenty credits, which you can easily earn online;
  • add information on a necessary design you need, if basic examples are not appropriate.

Before and After photo editor background change

Forget about annoying images with classic smiles and staged poses. With a picture background changer you can capture shots in all poses you like and create marvelous photography on the seaside. Numerous samples, which are ready to be put can satisfy even the most demanding user. No need to learn retouching tricks and downloading specialized software. Background change app has everything ready to create a new postcard or picture to remember with the right clothes, face and funny effects. Make gifts to your friends, by putting them into a frame with famous sites and great locations. Choose a stunning dress and imagine yourself a top model. Samples are available in color to make you imagine final images after editing services.

Examples of photo backgrounds

Choose any festive event and create the necessary pic with the Retouchme photo editor. Background change for Christmas, wedding, St.Valentine's Day and world-known sites is available from now.

Hearts and kisses will suit best the postcard with your beloved one. It is so easy to demonstrate true feelings with such an easy approach.

Do not get upset if your wedding plans have changed in a while and the photographer was not present to memorize this magic moment. Wedding interiors and accessories will create a necessary atmosphere for a couple.

A birthday celebration looks well in every single location. But when it comes to a greeting, then the best balloon and celebration options are here to save your day.

Going on a trip, but your camera is missing? No problem! It happens that even with the right photographic tools we fail to capture the best moments of our traveling routes. That is why you are free to choose among numerous famous cities and countries to add your silhouettes with the help of the Retouchme team.

Need a Christmas card last minute? No need to get upset, just find the perfect decoration and style you like to insert your face or people you want to surprise and enjoy lovely results.

If you are the one who has no time to travel and relax drinking cocktails on a beach. Then just ask to edit the background of a photo you already have in your phone with this nice and simple application. The ready image will impress with its reality and will make others envy.

Possibilities and features of RetouchMe

Simplicity. Enjoy numerous possibilities to delete unnecessary objects or to add beautiful details to your image.

Variety of options. Colorful landscapes and thematic interiors will help to enhance the overall effect.

Availability of experts. Each order is processed by a professional team. This approach helps to avoid automatic responses and primitive solutions.

New experience. Practice interesting trends in photo processing. The app which edits images with the help of real designers has much to tell to its users. It demonstrates its professionalism and work by skillful experts.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.