Pendant necklace

A classic shirt with an open collar looks equally good both for women and men. For men, it emphasizes confident style and imperiousness, then for women, it adds grace additionally to trust in business relationships. But sometimes something is off in such pictures. An open female neck has always been an object of increased interest, so it is customary to decorate it with a variety of accessories. If you spot a similar omission in your photo, you can always add the cherry on top with a pendant necklace.

A photo editor such as Photoshop, in particular, can accomplish this task. You may have not enough time to learn about the program. Also, depending on the tasks at hand, exceptional skills may be required to work with the program for edit. Therefore, the application market has ready-made solutions for such tasks. The main advantage of working with the RetouchMe app is direct communication with editors through the app. Our team of professional online retouchers performs manual processing of your photos on a daily basis.

Any user of Samsung and Apple smartphones can start using RetouchMe.

The application is downloaded from the Play Market and App Store, respectively.

  • Downloading and installing Retouchme, you need to grant the app the rights to run it on your device.

  • Select the desired image through the application, or take a photo on the spot.

  • With the taken photo,  you will see a set of options below, and there will be a pendant necklace editor amongst.

  • Submit your photo for processing with the selected options.

Since the processing of your photos is done manually, you can always send additional notes to the editors so that we pay special attention to the tasks at hand. The choice of options is practically unlimited, but it is important that the sent image matches the selected options. You can get the result within 20 minutes after sending the request, depending on the complexity. It is possible to recycle already finished work in case you notice unaccounted for details. The app allows you to do test processing so that you can evaluate its work.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.