Protective face mask


These days have forced us to learn new rules of living and taking pictures. Still, not everyone wants to include a masking photo into his album. But the penalty is high enough to risk capturing pics without protection. That is why smart creators of face mask app for android and ios have invented a new option of picture editing. Of course, the best idea is to take selfies with a surgical mask that covers the mouth and nose. But if there is no such a chance, a Retouchme face mask app knows how to add or erase all types of picture details. Protect yourself and your family with no security measures and avoid going out for a period mentioned by the state. Enjoy playing with existing selfies with the help of professional software able to change appearance and background, creating new images to share with friends. Take an iPhone or Android device of any model to install this magic image editor. All smartphone is ok for easy software which does not require too much space or computer literacy.

Face mask app

Download this easy application to your smartphone and enter the world of various retouching tools without learning basic rules of photoshop and editing. It becomes simple and fast when you need to add face mask to phone online, before publishing it on your profile picture in social networks. There is no need to take several photos of various angles to help the software to choose the best look for retouching. The smart program knows how to create face mask online with no help from the owner of an image. Retouchme is a popular application available in an app store of every smartphone as well as Mac owners. It permits improving images of every dimension and quality. Due to a present pandemic situation Retouchme permits to add mask to image online. This picture change does not require more than five minutes, as well as all variety of other editing options available. With the professional help of an experienced Photoshop team of this face mask photo editor, every image correction is carried out meeting the complex demands of users. Natural editing is a must for the application team. There is no way to see the signs of retouching on a finished picture or portrait. Every image is processed with complicated tools, skillfully used py experts in photo-processing.

How to add face mask to photo?

Follow these simple steps to start using the face mask filter app as soon as possible.

  1. Open the app store on your smartphone. Every model is adapted to install Retouchme software. Only a built-in camera is necessary.
  2. Download the app to put mask on face and choose the picture you need to edit.
  3. Click the right upper button to send the editing request to designers.
  4. Wait five minutes to get a finished image to share with your friends on social networks.

Get your photo album changed according to modern trends of mask fashion. Edit face mask on every image you had before the need to cover mouth and nose became obligatory. There is no need to capture new images covered with protection when there is a simple and comfortable application, which can add a mask to photo in one click. The software is so light and easy in its use that you will not need to delete important file to install the app on a smartphone. The secret is in the professional team of photoshop experts who work to improve pics in every album. Only real people are editing every inch of a picture to make it perfectly matching clients’ requests. It is completely free of charge and no extra fee is necessary to install it immediately. Every retouching request costs several online credits, which can be earned playing games or surfing on the internet. It means that professional editing is going to be done almost with no cost if you want to earn credits or with only ninety-nine cents to pay. The difficulty of retouching does not influence the cost of editing in no way. Feel safe paying a fixed sum for every change you need to make.

Face mask photo editor features

The option to add mask to picture is a great way to hide some makeup or skin defects that are usually present on every image, especially portrait. Light and shadow, color, and sharpness play an important role in the overall view of a person. That is why covering face with a mask will help to emphasize eyes and hairstyle, which is easily highlighted by the Retouchme team. You are free to choose masks of all possible styles and colors, which will make you smile. Cute and funny, they will decorate every single selfie. Change the hairstyle, color, and eye form with this fast application, working with a fast internet connection 24 hours a day. It does not matter which time of a day or night you need a picture to be ready for sharing. The software is always ready to work and improve every photo in the album. Keep everyone safe, staying at home, and enjoying the world of picture transformations with Retouchme application.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.