Head size


Head size

When it comes to photography, you might notice that no matter how good your shot is, there are still some flaws that you may wish to get rid of in the final image. The background is fine, surroundings are fit, light is great, but a person does not fit the picture for some reason and feels just slightly off. You can feel that unconsciously, nevertheless, the whole composition might look fine. That is also known as a mirror phenomenon. When you look at yourself in a mirror, you can move your head and contort your posture, your body, and your facial expressions to form a more pleasing appearance. But when you are just taking a one-frame picture straight on, you are not going to be able to have as many frames to choose from, to make yourself look good. So it is just a one snap judgment of what you might actually look like.

How to get a bigger head

Head size might be an issue here. In case it looks smaller than you want it to be, then how to get a bigger head size? You can remake photos by angling a person differently towards the camera, you can edit your image in photoshop or any other photo software.

But How to make my head look smaller or bigger quickly and easily?

Here is why the Retouch app is a very useful tool to edit pictures in that case. It can resize and scale certain body parts online to make it fit as you want it to be without remaking the photo or additional editing. Our team of designers knows how to make your head look smaller or bigger on your image in a blink of an eye, depending on what options you will choose. All you need to do is to download the Retouchme app for that.

How to use big head app 

Here is a quick guide on how to make your head smaller

  1. Download the RetouchMe application for your device.

  2. Go to the gallery of your images and pick one for changing.

  3. Find and choose the big head editor icon below the photo.

  4. Click ‘Send a request to designers’.

  5. Wait a bit for processing to get your result.

Notwithstanding, the app does not make everything automatically, most of the requests require precise editing, here is why we have a team of designers who process all of those requests in real-time. Since you know how to get a smaller head you can try the vice versa effect with other photos in your gallery.

Description of head size editor

If you get into the app at least once, you would see that there are multiple options to choose from, such as body, face, makeup, photo, accessories, pets. These options are outlined as green icons right below the image of your choice to edit. Choosing one of them will discover corresponding details inside. Choosing the ‘face’ icon contains an option of how to make your head look bigger. There would be a ‘head size’ icon inside, therefore you choose what measures you need. Using a measurement tool, you choose how to make your head bigger or smaller on it and then just send it to designers by pressing the button at the bottom of your screen.

How to make your head smaller in photo?

There are multiple options to make your head smaller in a photo. The problem can be solved basically with volume styling cuts. For some people doing hair is a daily routine but for the rest, it is a very time-consuming process. Nonetheless, if you want a beautiful head to look good without requiring surgery or hair styling we are glad to save your time with the RetouchMe app. Our team of designers is working in Adobe Photoshop on daily basis and became professional retouchers. The program editing way sometimes is our best choice since we live in the era of digital technologies which purpose is to save our time. But we also take into consideration all of the feedback is coming in order to improve our app and make it more of a like human-to-human interaction. By choosing certain options in the RetouchMe app, you may also send detailed commentary to our designer’s team to make sure nothing would be missed in your retouch.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.