Reduce slouch


Today people spend four hours an average a day using gadgets. They have many advantages, but also bring some health problems into our lives. The first thing that suffers is the back.
Why is it so important to keep your back straight? With the correct position of the spine, the load on the muscles and organs is evenly distributed. Your back will finally stop hurting and your breathing will improve.

Over the years the spine is deformed for various reasons: we sit at an uncomfortable table, pull our neck to the phone, carry a bag on one shoulder. The body tries to balance the distortions, and a system of compensation is obtained. Like a scale: when one bowl is heavier, you need to add something on top of the other to make everything even out. Only in our body there is a big number of such "bowls".

When it is deformed in one place, it is unbalanced in a dozen others. Sometimes it seems that you are standing straight. But in fact, one shoulder is lifted, the pelvis is skewed, the neck has sagged, the head is tilted. It is impossible to intuitively find the correct position, the brain protests due to impaired joint-muscle sensitivity.

But there are obvious tips that you might not think about when you face slouching:

  • carry the bag on different shoulders;

  • keep the monitor at eye level;

  • if you are sitting, place your feet fully on the floor, with your heels.

How to improve posture in photo?

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  1. Fold your hands in the lock and put on the back of the head. Pull them gently upward from the tailbone, chin parallel to the floor. Then remove your hands and try to hold the new position as long as possible.

  2. Put two fingers in the center of the chin and, like on a button, press, as if with a small "stroke" directing the neck and head back, as if we are resting against the wall with the back of our head. In this case, the chin ceases to bulge, the head becomes in the correct position.

How to improve posture fats: daily life hacks

  • First, motivation. Do you want to look attractive and be healthy? A straight back is a guarantee of female and male beauty. Use simple tools to help you keep your back straight.

  • Self-control. Remember to keep your posture, over time it will become a habit.

  • A place to sleep. Create comfortable living conditions and forget about a bad bed.

  • Psychological condition. The more stable the emotional background, the more relaxed your body.

  • Distribute the weights. Try to carry the weights evenly in both hands.

  • Sports activities. Regular exercise and walking are excellent prevention of a slouching effect. Cardio workouts saturate the body with oxygen, and strength training gives muscles elasticity and endurance. Swimming is considered one of the most beneficial sports for a healthy posture; this is especially true for those who regularly visit the gym with a pool.

  • Massage. It works out muscle clamps, making you feel light, and your shoulders will finally straighten themselves.

  • Use a special orthopedic corset and shoe insoles to correct your body position. Wearing a corset tool every day for 1-2 hours will teach your body to take the correct position.

Keep your posture and do not slouch when walking. Proud posture allows you to grow a couple of centimeters, lift your chest and even get rid of a double chin. Bring your shoulders slightly back and down, as if you have tiny wings in the back. Always try to look ahead, but do not throw your head back too much. When walking, do not take too large steps, try to lower yourself to a full foot, make sure that your feet do not look inward with your toes.

How to reduce slouching in picture?

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