Hide the face


Self-isolation as a means of the overall fight against the coronavirus pandemic has made not only significant changes in the life of billions of people. Breaking the norms of behavior, personal protective equipment, and social distance have become firmly established. But, in addition, the pandemic gave a new impetus to the development of a digital mode for monitoring and controlling people by their faces. And while innovations such as digital badges are new and may fade as the epidemiological situation improves, facial auto recognition technologies can now significantly strengthen their position.

Many of us are not excited by such intrusive attention, which with the help of the algorithms of Facebook or Google Photos, can become total over time. That is why a wish to maintain digital anonymization is normal. One of the ways is to remove automatic face identification on Facebook, which will increase your privacy.

But there are other ways to protect personal digital privacy. It is about the tool which shows how to hide your face in a picture after you blur it. It is useful to "encrypt" yourself, but there is another way of anonymizing the image creatively.

How to hide face in photo a picture creatively

Retouhcme hide your face app is free of charge and available in most application stores. It is a manual online editor that is helpful in many everyday situations. It helps to adjust every image with just one click adding various effects. The size and format of the picture do not matter, as well as its quality. JPG photography is the most common file which professionals by Retouchme have been working with. No extra information is needed from users because the service is free and the editing is paid by online credits, earned by playing virtual games. Everything you need to do is to let our Photoshop team know if you want a creative sticker or a pixelated image. They will crop and resize the image adding all necessary details.

Follow these few steps to find out how to hide face in photo.

  1. Digit in your browser the Retouchme app and discover the version adapted to your phone model. Every smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera will be enough.

  2. Install the software on the phone.

  3. Find the picture you need to change.

  4. Choose the option to apply and send the request to the Retouchme team

  5. Wait five minutes and save the final result to share it with social networks with the highest privacy protection.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.