Hide a bald spot


Every day, thousands of people around the world discover symptoms of baldness. Hair loss is a consequence of many internal processes in the body. Various factors can provoke it:

  • heredity;
  • bad ecology;
  • constant stress;
  • malfunctions of hormonal system;
  • use of products with harmful components;
  • diet features;
  • lack of vitamins.

This problem happens with both men and women. Without timely treatment, it can become irreversible. Hair lack on a head cause psychological discomfort, except for an aesthetic defect. People are looking for means to hide the bald spot, trying to visually mask the area.

How to hide bald spots?

There are several options:

  • a haircut;
  • wigs or pads;
  • costly hair follicle transplant surgery;
  • camouflage spray or keratin powder.

All these ways to improve the image are good but not very satisfying during the photo shooting. It is obvious that not every moment is good for a perfect picture. In case your appearance is not always ready to be captured in the most advantageous way, then a professional app to edit photographs is at your disposal. It helps to add confidence by simple retouching of every single selfie in your picture gallery.

Download the application to valuate an extremely positive feature of this software. No woman would not appreciate the individual approach to her appearance, especially when it comes to such a delicate issue as hair. When we want to hide baldness, only a competent expert team. Sometimes a professional visual change can create a new personality and mood. Smartphone application permits to edit pictures of any size and quality captured at any time of the day with even poor lighting. Specialized photoshop tools used by our designers help to improve the overall image. The cost of every retouch request is only ninety-nine cents or several online credits, which are easily earned in social networks. Professional software is available free of charge for all phone models by Android and Apple. All you need is a built-in camera and internet connection to start editing every picture in the gallery. Our team of designers is ready to collaborate with every client all over the world at any time of the day and night. Only five minutes are necessary to make the required changes and to forward the final result to the client. Try this excellent service to enhance pictures with friends, colleagues and share in social networks.

How to hide baldness with app?

Start it now with the following easy instruction:

  1. Get the application on your digital device using the app store of the iPhone.
  2. Install it on the phone and open the photo gallery.
  3. Choose the image you need to change in only five minutes.
  4. Look through the number of options available to apply to the picture.
  5. Send editing request to our Retouchme team.
  6. Get corrected results in a few minutes and share it immediately among your friends to get as many likes as possible.

Hide bald spot app features

Well-known stylists select stylish cuts and colors for their star clients that hide their baldness, and thanks to them you do not even know about the problems of their owners. Retouchme app will do it free of charge in a few minutes without huge expenses. If you don't want to look ridiculous on a photo then avoid classic mistakes:

  • growing neighboring hair and combing it on the back where there is a hair loss;
  • growing long hair, length draws attention even more;
  • spraying large spots;
  • waste of time and money for heavy and expensive procedures and treatment.

All you need to do is open the application and choose where you want to add hair volume, on the front, on the side or in the middle. Every person has it own problematic areas that are why our software is created to face every problem which may cause discomfort during photo shooting.

Enjoy exciting moments of your life without worrying about the look and hairstyle. Remember that professional application is always ready to rescue every single shot online. Give a command and high-quality work will be done in several minutes.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.