Align teeth


Are you dreaming of a wide white smile? It is ok to have some defects, we all do. In case you think that there is no way to fix diastema without braces, it is better to use a magic app to fix space between teeth. Diastema is an empty space between two teeth, ranging in size from one to five to six millimeters. A characteristic gap is formed between the anterior incisors. At the same time, its appearance is due to heredity or anomalies in the structure of the dentition.

The reason may be an incorrect position of the tooth, pathology of the structure of the frenum, partial adentia, for example, the absence of lateral incisors or microdontia, the small size of dental crowns. Sometimes a diastema is provoked by bad habits like biting pencils, pens, and nails. Good news that this problem is not a problem anymore for your best photos and selfies with friends. And there is no need to study Photoshop tools to improve hiding it.

Diastema fix app features

Retouchme free application was created to show users how to improve every picture with just one click. It is a light mobile software that is easily installed on the smartphone or tablet and used for quick editing of every kind of snapshots. Fixing space between front teeth is one of the options which are available in the app. Check up this software in the application store and you will get surprised that it is free of charge. Every editing option is paid by online credits which can be earned playing virtual games or providing feedback to services. In case you need more credits, only ninety-nine cents will permit you to use retouching of every complexity. Change, hair color, eye shape, add or remove tattoos and piercing, create new backgrounds and facial expressions with this small and effective online assistant.

How to fix space between teeth?

Close space between teeth using the following several steps.

  1. Install the application on the phone. Every model will be ok if it has a built-in camera.

  2. Find a picture you want to edit and open it in the software immediately after installation.

  3. Choose the editing option you want to apply to your picture. The picture can be of every quality and number of pixels.

  4. Send the request to the team of retouching experts, using the upper right button.

  5. Wait only a few minutes to get a result and share it on social networks.

Filling space between teeth was never so easy and funny as with the help of the Retouchme app. Because the editing work is done by a team of professional designers and Photoshop editors with vast experience. You can lay down on the sofa and wait only 5 minutes to get the work done.

Every picture will become perfect and the smile will be even wider than before. Because the application guarantees high quality of retouching. Photos will be improved flawlessly, so none will be able to see the editing tools which had worked with a snapshot.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.