Color splash


While taking a picture, we usually need to highlight some details (people, buildings or any other part of the image) or enhance the black and white photo with color accent. The painters usually use various colorful combinations or a subtle play of light and shade to change and improve their masterpieces. However, what should we do with the photography, especially when a picture is already taken? Do we have to throw it away and to take another one? Sounds awful taking into consideration that we can make our image in a faraway location. Nevertheless, there is a way out. Just download color splash photo editor to get the awesome photos online.

More Benefits with Color Splash Photo Editor

The color splash app allows getting deep and rich colors, focusing on the most important details (clothes, flowers, people, etc.), adding light to the main objects or a background. Moreover, such a technique is especially sought fore-commerce and blogging when trying to pay the viewer’s attention to certain zones in order to promote a product (goods or services) or a brand (name, logo) on the website.

Even as light color splash effect is of great meaning for setting the mood, creating an atmosphere, representing incredible varieties of emotions. It is also able to create unique dramatic photos and to demonstrate the wholetints of grey.

How to Use Color Splash App

  • Download on your Android or iOS device free.
  • Choose the Color Splash option.
  • Select and add a photo from your gallery.
  • Touch and mark the part of the image to edit (a car, a dress, a face or anything else).
  • Apply Color Splash and add some other effects for more creativity.
  • After you’ve finished, save the chosen image’s size and format and the image itself.

You can also watch a video tutorial to make the process clearer.

The colour splash art help design the images and get whatever you prefer best of all, or you get what your audience will appreciate the most, in your opinion. In any case, color splash editing is a good way to bring an object into the focus of the images making them beautiful and unique.

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