Slanting eyes



Our article only helps users to try changes in appearance for fun and entertainment. We understand that Asian eye trend is not a celebration of Asian culture and not all of them have a particular eye shape, described in the post. Celebrities continue to use the fox–eye trend as a way to exoticize themselves not always using right wording or images. We are sure that trying to conform to generic eye shapes, skin tones, or kinds of hair is a way of assimilating our respective identities. Our communities should have that right to define ourselves. And our application is only a small tool to help users look different. We deeply respect every culture and nation.

App to make eyes look more asian

Get trendy and chic without plastic surgery and sufferings! Every fashion trend is easily realized with the help of modern technologies in your smartphone or tablet. There are no limits in the way you look and details of the image you want to change. Professional editing applications permit changing of every inch of your face and body as well as color and background correction. Asian eyes are getting more attractive, that is why everyone is trying to create it. But what if fashion changes fast but plastic surgery results will remain? In this case a professional Retouchme photo manipulation app is ready to change your look according to the latest tendency. There is no need to learn makeup hacks, fix the light, draw a contour line or spend hours to make asuan eyes artificially. An easy and fast software will provide an immediate korean style result in only five minutes.

This exotic trend has gained a lot of fans online. To be closer to this beauty idea, people can shave off eyebrows after the arch and redraw them, applying a heavy-handed cat eye with eyeliner. It works because shaving off the end of the brow makes the face appear narrower, while redrawing brows with an upwards slant creates the illusion of upturned eyes. Women practice brow lifts and thread lifts to get the desired almond-shaped eyes or Asian look. But sometimes the solution is in the application which provides perfect eyelid results in a few minutes. Just choose the editing option and match it with a selfie or already existing pictures in your phone photo gallery. Not every software can permit retouching low cost. But Retouchme is a unique service which helps to improve photos paying only ninety nine cents or few online credits.

How to make eyes look asian?

When you’re able to accurately identify your eye shape without makeup naturally, it means that you can try various eye styles. Slanted eyes are one of the most popular shapes due to the latest fashion bloggers and makeup artists. That is why use a small and simple editor to create a necessary look with just one click of a fingertip.

  1. Find the Retouchme app in the smartphone application store.

  2. Install it free of charge on your phone to make eyes look more asian. Every phone model is appropriate, if it has a built-in camera.

  3. Add a photo of any size and dimension to edit in the Retouchme.

  4. Choose the option you need to apply.

  5. Send the editing request to the Retouchme team, clicking the upper right button.

  6. Wait 5 minutes to get the final frame and share it online.

Try this comfortable interface and explore numerous options to try, while editing pictures in Retouchme. Only real Photoshop experts proceed every inch of the picture, forwarded to them. There are no automatic results with a fake skin or contact lens effect. None will be able to define if the fresh look is a result of a native genetic origin or a professional retouching. Every ready image is stored in cloud service and will never request additional memory space. Use it 24 hours a day and wait only five minutes to get awesome results and improve how to make eyes look Asian. 

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.