Hair shine effect


Add shine to hair

When we look at a horse, perhaps the most remarkable thing is the fact how its mane shines in the rays of the sun. This shine is pleasant not only in the animal world but also attracts the human eye. If in the animal world all this is achieved naturally, then a person often finds himself in an environment of higher stress and the achievement of brilliance is not always successful.

The way you choose to care for your hair can also affect the shine of your hair. Excessive use of shampoos that are accepted as the norm can actually harm your hair because it kills natural sebum, which just gives shine. But in a community, it may be considered as a sign of dirty hair, and shine is only achievable with the help of various lotions and other hair care products. This is how advertising works on our minds. However, there are multiple ways how to shine the hair, so let us break it down.

How to make your hair shine in photo?

There are multiple ways of how to add shine to hair. The most common is using shine glaze for hair or hair gloss. The difference would be its life span. Glazing adds shine and make your hair polished, that is essential to what it is doing. A good comparison would be if you imagine kind of like a top coat on your favorite manicure which makes everything look seamless, it makes the color look a little more vibrant and that is exactly what it does for your hair. It has been used when you feel like your hair is dry in some areas and you would like to make it look a bit healthier. It is worth mentioning that shine glaze for hair is not actually fixing or healing anything from deep within the hair. It is definitely more one of those services that are working on the outside of the hair. It is not anything permanent so you can treat it just as a toner but a clear one. Usually, glazes are available over the counters and also at drugstores.

Photo software and editing

Perhaps the obvious case is to edit your image with Adobe Photoshop. Using different layers, settings and visual effects can make shine on hair. However Photoshop requires some skill to use, it is reasonable to discover other options to make Shine for hair. Therefore we can use some app for that with probably ready presets or even more than that.

Add shine to hair with Retouchme app

Following these simple steps will help you to get the app to your phone

  1. Look for the application name in your AppStore or PlayMarket, depends which type of cellphone you use.

  2. After the installation make sure to give the app rights to access your camera.

  3. Make a photo or choose one already made from your phone or any other pictures from your storage.

  4. There would be green icons in the app that allow you to choose certain options such as hair shine.

  5. After everything is set, just send the picture to our designers pressing the corresponding button underneath your image.

Description of hair shine app

There could be found a lot of different apps that are making hair shine effect. Most of that software has a specific use and is not that flexible. The retouch app provides a lot of settings inside for any case. Also, RetouchMe is a direct connection between you and our designers who receive orders daily basis and work on your images in real-time online. The result could be seen in about 5 to 25 minutes depending on the job’s difficulty. You can also remake the job done if you did not pleased with the result.

Hair shine drawing

If you like drawing a picture, especially a portrait, in most cases there would be hair that you need to work on. Drawing shine on hair might be tricky since it is basically empty spaces on the sheet of paper that suppose to have no color on it. For that matter, you can use a mono zero eraser for detailed erasing. It will look like a pen or pencil but with a sharp rubber on the tip instead of the slate. You can make one by yourself or buy it in a specific store.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
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