Add lens flare


You have probably already noticed that many celebrities and popular insta bloggers decorate their photos and videos with beautiful magic light. If you want your Instagram (or any video or selfie for other social networks) to shine like a diamond, then you've come to the idea to add lens flare to photos. This is a great effect that enhances simple photography, emphasizing some details. There are many ways to add glowing flare using Lightroom or Photoshop brush and overlays. Still, not everyone is ready to master a course of picture editing. That is why many users look for an easy mode to change the image with one click. Modern software is full of options to add lens flare online. Some of them produce results that are far from realism. Other applications require substantial payments for every picture as if it is a part of the art. Glowing makes images more irresistible even if you are wearing just a black dress. Because color flare can be an interesting detail to add to your images when you want to create something completely different. Whether it's personalizing your own greeting cards or you just want to add lens flare to eyes. The most important rule is to choose the right source of retouching tools. If you are not the one who wants to play with editing tools, then a professional simple picture editor is the option to apply.

Lens flare app features

Retouchme application knows which result you want to see looking on the screen. It helps to create the right atmosphere and light blur to harness every resource of the image. In comparison to other software available in iOs and Android application stores, Retouchme does not lay too many filters. It edits only the lens effect, creating exactly necessary glowing, keeping it natural. The biggest advantage of the application is in the professional approach of photoshop experts to every retouching request. Because only real people are working with every photo which is sent for editing. There is no difference or priority for users that request frequent correction of their photos or individuals, who want to use the app once a month. Only five minutes of waiting is required for even the most complicated retouching of the picture. Photos of every quality and size are accepted and improved without losing its natural look. It permits changing not only the overall look but also eliminates details from an image, changing background, haircut, etc.

How to add lens flare to photo

Find it immediately in the app store and check how easy and simple it is installed.

  1. Choose the Retouchme application in the store to upload it to your phone or tablet. Every phone model is appropriate for this software if it has a built-in camera.

  2. Open the photo you need to edit in the application and look through a wide range of retouching options to apply.

  3. Find the one that offers to add lens flare and send the request to the team of skillful designers of the Retouchme. 

  4. Wait only five minutes to receive a perfectly improved and retouched image with a magic glowing.

  5. Share it immediately with friends and colleagues online to collect as many likes as possible.

Choosing the right application to process selfies is 90% of the successful publication of pictures on social media. It is not easy to find software that is able to edit a photo without damaging it. Retouchme is the only product to try and realize its benefits and advantages. There is no other app that does not require any payment for its installation. And the quality of editing is better than common Photoshop tools. The only request is to earn online credits to use when asking for retouching photos. Such credits are available online, playing games, and surfing the Internet. It means that all the hard work, done by professional editors is paid only with your free fun time online. No other fee and charge are required. In case you have no time to earn credits online, pay only ninety-nine cents for each editing, and enjoy the results. Forget about boring pictures in profiles and get used to the shiny and brilliant effect of every selfie you publish. Create lovely postcards and congratulate friends in a magic way.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.