Pet accessories


Pet Accessories

All the pets are amazing even if they are smeared in mud. However, their owners use a wide range of accessories to make them beautiful in the photos. In real life, plenty of pets prefer to stay free of decorations and are not eager to put various kinds of bling. Now, there's no need to bother them. Download the app and try the Pet Accessories option to make your pet look glamour without its knowledge. What are your opportunities?

  • You can add bows, ribbons, or jewelry.

  • It's possible to choose any color to your liking.

  • Therere plenty of designs at your disposal.

  • One can add several items to the same pet.

Our professional designers will pick the decorations that are relevant to your dog/cat's exterior, size, coloring, and other individual features. They are able to make your pet look like a celebrity. You won't see any haughtiness or tacky. The app allows processing photos with several different pets in it. Use the online editor to get captive images in order to share it with friends and enjoy them yourself.

Do you want to retouch a photo from your phone and send it to social networks?
RetouchMe for professional photographers is coming soon. Let me know about web app launching.